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What is the process?

First give us a call, text, or send an email so we can discuss your project. We will go over details and make sure that we are a good fit!

How long does it take for you to setup the robot?

Please allow 1 hour to setup and test the robot before programming begins.

Can your robot power my camera?

Yes! The robot has 14.4v 20a via D-TAP on board or 28v 7a 8-pin lemo (lemo cable required).

What kind of power do you need to run the robots?

Nora can run on either 110v or 220v 20a. 

Andre can run on either 240v 45a or 480v 10a. 

Do we need to hire an AC/Focus Puller?

The camera robot has it's own programmable FIZ system that is included and will pull it's own focus. It is recommended to have and AC so that they can build the camera and handle media.

Will your robot and turntable /launcher/dropper be in sync?

Yes! All of our motion control systems sync together with high precision.

Can we sync music/lighting to the robot?

Yes! For music, we would just need an MP3 or WAV file, and for lighting we would need a 5-pin DMX cable to interface with.

What focal lengths can I use?

For the smoothest motion possible, we recommend using anywhere between 11mm to 50mm for Nora-1100, and up to 100mm for Andre-2000.

Can you bring your robots on location?

Absolutely! We will travel to your location of choice or can give recommendations.

What cameras can I use?

Most cinema camera packages that weigh under 22lb total for Nora and 35lb for Andre

How many shots can I get in a day?

Typically you can expect to get between 10-20 shots in a 10 hour day.

Will the robot be safe to work around?

Safety is our number one priority on set. We have multiple emergency stop buttons as well as a safety guideline that is provided to everyone on set. We prefer to perform a safety meeting at the beginning of the day to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Can we preprogram shots/get previz?

Yes! Ideally if you would like shots to be preprogrammed or need previz we require as much information about the product/subject and the shooting location as possible. 

How precise is the robot?

Our robots are precise down to 1/1000th of an inch and can repeat the same move indefinitely.

Will the robot have vibrations or shake?

Most all robots will have a minimal amount of shake, depending on the shot. However, the majority of shots willl have very little to no perceivable shake. Our demo reel has not been stabilized for example!

Can you move the robot around set during the shoot day?

Absolutely! Please plan for 15-20 minutes of downtime per move within the same location.

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